Probably you seek an effective marketing investment that allows you to take Corporate Social Responsibility! 

When investing to get new leads, a CSR-investment also gives positive effects on your brand and in society. When sponsoring topics here at BX, you are supporting several UN global sustainability goals and especially number 4, 5, 8, 9, 10,12 and 17.

Here you will have the chance to reach people that have investigated and learned about a business task or topic. In next step they are looking to buy related education, consulting or other business services.

We want to make the step from buying preparation to supplier selection very easy to take for our users. BX aims to provide the most useful business knowledge in the world – for free. This has the potential to attract a lot of community members that can become your customers! 

This is how the price is calculated for one year:

The basic price to register as sponsor in the service register on a topic is 300 Euro (3000 SEK) for one year and another 200 Euro (2000SEK) to display your logo. BUT NOW IN THE START IT IS MUCH CHEAPER!

The impressions index influences the price so that for topics with fewer than 100 impressions you get 95% discount. Topics that have between 100 and 1000 views give 75% discount. Only when a topic have reached between 1000 and 10,000 impressions you will pay the full basic price. In the future if certain topics will get very many visitors, the price will increase. So 10,000 to 50,000 views will cost 1.75x the basic price, 50-100,000 views cost 2.5x the basic price and more than 100,000 views cost 5x the basic price. But since you can see how many impressions a topic has, you can easily check your price before paying. You pay nothing extra for a topic that grows in popularity until one year later if you then want to renew your sponsorship.

You can in addition get a quantity discount, which means that the more topics you sponsor the cheaper it will be per topic. Topic 6-10 gives 10% discount, 11-25 gives 15% discount, 26-50 gives 25% discount and all topics from no. 51 gives you a 50% discount.

Don't forget! You and everyone in your organization can use the BX Knowledge platform for free by signing up as users. Here you can without cost discuss, help each other and ask business-related questions. We help visitors to find service providers related to each subject and task. We offer you the opportunity to sponsor links to your business directly from work topics where you provide services.

Compared to common sponsoring of keywords in search engines, you will have the chance to reach well-informed prospects interested in your topic, who are actively looking for a supplier and thus has come far in the buying process. Compared with other paid business listings, you take social responsibility and your money helps us provide free educating information that helps people and businesses grow and create more jobs worldwide.

Recommend your employees to sign up for free learning and collaboration at BX and then check what topics you want to sponsor. If you in the future find that your staff and your business starts to achieve more in less time because of BX, we would be very grateful if you would also give a donation. No gift is too small!