We want to become a global community for lifelong free business learning and useful contacts.

The basic idea is to collaborate to collect, organize and share free business learning content and to build a useful business community that educates and connects people and organizations for business.

Below you can read about the serious reasons behind this idea and how we want to make it happen.

BX for successful and sustainable businesses development

600 million new decent jobs for economic and societal development are needed worldwide according to the world bank. We need more successful entrepreneurs and people who understand how companies can grow in a sustainable way.

About 50% of those who work today, are open to a career change, but new tasks or jobs often require new knowledge and skills. People and Businesses often have limited training budgets and this holds them back from their full potential.

You will together with others gather and rate the free business learning content on internet. You can learn fast, when you need it and in a format of your choice. You can exchange with and get help from sharing professionals that support you, and they can contribute long after their retirement.

You will get access to a self-sustainability tool with content that others found highly usable. You will get it faster than with a conventional search engine and without costly fees to businesses and membership organizations. Business learning for all is a global concern, so no matter if you want to learn, to teach or to share your experience, start by registering for free!

BX as resource for Teachers and Academia and a place to exchange with Businesses and Students

Expectations on higher education is continuously growing while teachers’ resources are not. Teachers and students around the world struggle to find and pay for up to date literature and
other educational material. Some is available via Open Education resources but often difficult to find. 

The link between classroom theory and real business training and practices is often hard to make. Knowledge need to be put into a reality context to be properly learned. Many teachers are lacking network with businesses and best business practices are usually available only via paid resources. Students nowadays show less patience with conventional literature studies and prefer more entertaining learning methods, like videos and interactive exercises.

At BX, teachers, students, employees and entrepreneurs can collectively gather and discuss the best free learning material in the world in a framework model that gives a common understandable context to how businesses operate. Teachers can select among free e-books, videos, audio files etc. that their students should go through when studying a specific subject. Universities can also share tests or self-assessments openly by adding links to them from each subject. Networking can take place between students, businesses and academia.

BX for sharing of successful business professionals experiences and best practices

Many people didn’t grow up or no longer live in circumstances that allow them education and a chance to learn what they need. They need help to learn business fundamentals without cost. Also, educated people need continuous learning about starting and managing businesses to achieve more.

Around the world Businesses need to learn, to give women and men the same access to leadership, to promote diversity and to offer decent work and safe working environments. For the sake of the planet we also need to learn about responsible production and recycling for a sustainable growth. Sharing experiences in these fields is extremely needed!

At BX we enable self-sustainability while also offering the support of our business community. Your valuable time and knowledge comes to incredible good use! As experienced professional or teacher, you can aid sustainable learning by recycling your experience and sharing it for the benefit of others.

Don’t worry, all you do will be for the benefit of others and no operational profits will end up in our owners’ pocket. If we get more money than we can invest in our social mission, we will give back to other charity causes that you can vote for in your user profile. 

So register and start sharing your knowledge!