In 2015 the United Nations agreed on a 15 year plan to reach 17 sustainable development goals. It's called agenda 2030. Regarding many of the problems we are facing, businesses are often seen as the problem. We need to change how businesses sees themselves and how others see businesses.
Businesses can be part of the solution and at BX businessXplainer we want to help each other become a part of the solution!

With new business models, businesses around the world are now starting to create shared value when they address social issues. They create economic value and simultaneously create social value. Some reinvest profits in solving social problems and those who not yet have social business models, increasingly try in other ways to take corporate social responsibility (CSR).
BX businessXplainer as community has a social not for profit business model and supporting us can be a CSR opportunity. 
We want to identify the best and move the rest towards a more sustainable world.

The SDG's or sustainable development goals are all about that we join forces and form partnerships to create a better world.
BX businessXplainer want to be such a partnership, where we make sure that the whole world get access to qualitative knowledge about how to start, run and develop sustainable businesses. We want to make use of the knowledge that every year leave businesses when people retire. We hope to engage some of the millions of people, with a lifetime of business experience, that retire every year. Volunteering their time, they can re-cycle their experience, share their knowledge with others and make a social impact.  

We want to live in a world that gives all people the knowledge and skills for a fulfilling life. A world where all girls and women have equal opportunity to thrive, be powerful and safe. Where economies prosper and new wealth leads to decent jobs for everyone. Where businesses and their innovations are not just making money, but also make our lives better.

We want a world where we help each other to restore life on land and in our oceans and seas and we put back in earth what we dig out of it. An embracing world where diversity and inclusion are seen as positive resources for learning and better understanding. A world where justice rules and people are equal before the law.

Do you want to contribute to such a world, then help us by sharing your knowledge about starting, running and developing businesses successfully for the future. Helping people to help businesses will lead to more decent jobs and more sustainable businesses everywhere.