Help us Improve

Our content is organized according to the ABIO (All Business In One) model. The model is created as an attempt to organize all activities and topics in a Business into a common, easy to understand context. We were not able to find any previous models that take into consideration all activities in businesses so our founder created ABIO.

Still we fully understand that there will be as many opinions on a model that there are people looking at it and inevitably there will some of you who don't agree with it or who have ideas how we should improve or expand the model.

We welcome all constructive kriticism and all ideas on how to improve the content structure and the ABIO-model. We want to evolve and improve with your help. We will evaluate together with our content organizers what should be implemented and not.

Check out the contact menu and send us your feedback! It's most welcome!

If you are a registered user you can also suggest ideas, that are linked to specific topics, in their related discussion threads.