ABIO is an abbreviation of All Business In One and it is the name of the model our founder Anders Hellwer created to organize all business related knowledge and processes.
The model uses twelve main business processes to explain it simply how businesses operate.

Inside the Business

The six first processes are directly business related and can be described consecutive as one overall business process in six steps. 

1. Business Planning & Analysis
2. Research & Development
3. Procurement
4. Production & Logistics
5. Marketing & Sales
6. Serving Customers

The following six are called Support processes and they are all needed to organize and manage the business. They all run through and touch the first six processes like a matrix. 

1. Regulatory Compliance
2. Budgeting & Financing
3. Organization & Management systems
4. Human Resources & Leadership
5. Assets (Tech, Contracts & Property)
6. Bookkeeping & Accounting

Around the business

Like people do in private life, businesses need to relate to and build relations with different stakeholders in their surrounding to be able to become successful.

Businesses need to monitor, analyse and manage their business environment, their stakeholders and their internal resources and then organize themselves as
efficiently as possible for their purpose and for a sustainable development.

Sustainability relates to economic survival and the environmental and social impact of the business

When exploring the ABIO-structure we hope that you, will find your way to knowledge, will understand the context of Business and achieve more in your work life.