Information on BX businessXplainer is made available in different ways.

Between members (logged in)

Registered members help each other to identify what they, according to their own work experience, think is useful information and share links to third party sites who under their own responsibility published that information. Regarding links on BX, the reliability of each third party site and information has to be evaluated separately and cannot be considered reliable just because one user linked to it. However the ambition of BX is for members to help each other to evaluate and rate the linked information and the more ratings and higher ratings a link has received, the higher probability that the information is qualitative and useful. We hope that writers, researchers and schools who publish their own reliable open literature and reports will link to them from BX. We love to help people find free qualitative information and then we can help teachers find material they can use in their teaching. 

Members are also encouraged to share their own work experiences and best practices for others to learn. They are not allowed to share information that belong to others and they can be compared with a mentor or advisor sharing one persons point of view and experience. Other members are encouraged to help evaluating the shared experiences and qualify it with the help of ratings. Information can also be commented and discussed by members. We hope that also academia and researchers will find it useful to follow engage in the input and sharing by experienced business professionals. 

Members can ask open questions for other members to answer or comment. Again these discussions are not validated facts, just opinions of more or less experienced people. However the more discussed and highly rated the information becomes by many members, the higher probability that it is actually reliable and useful.  

Information written by members belongs to them but they allow other members to use it and BX BusinessXplainer to re-share and draw conclusions from it. If referring to information shared by one of our members you should refer to the user name and the BX-site. 

Openly licensed BX-explainers (CC-BY BX businessXplainer)

These are the topic related texts that are available to read by visitors without registration and log in. These texts are not considered to be a reliable source. They are written by employees or volunteer editors that help out at BX to write new openly licensed material. The texts are however supposed to be built upon the collective shared experiences of the members. So editors will monitor what is being shared and discussed about topics and over time the quality of the open texts will become better and better because it will be based on more and more users shared knowledge and experience. The users rating of usability will help BX editors to understand what can be considered best practice or most common practices.