Lund 2017,

Dear visitors and registered members,

It feels good to share!

For many years I wanted to write a book that in a simple way would explain how businesses work.

In 2016 I learned about the global needs of cheaper learning material and discovered the open education movement. It was inspiring to see the strong engagement in Wikipedia, Creative Commons and other collaborative movements.

After learning about the global Agenda 2030 I felt that I had to do something to support the United Nation global goals for a sustainable development (SDGs).

Then the idea about BX businessXplainer came along and I started to design the concept for this community site. I would love your help to build up BX businessXplainer to become an open and free business learning resource for all people! My dream is that we together can make a positive impact in peoples lives, support sustainable business growth and help each other create more decent jobs around the world.

Best Regards,

Anders Hellwer

You are always welcome to contact me via e-mail

a.hellwer (at) businessxplainer.com