Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

We collect, organize and share free knowledge to help all people achieve more.

We connect people around Business Learning and support creation of more jobs, decent workplaces and sustainable growth.

Our Mission

With help from supporters and sponsoring service providers we share knowledge about how to start, run and develop businesses.

We provide a platform and a structure to help our members connect with each other around business topics of their interest.

Our own BX Topic-Xplainers will be openly licensed for public free use and will not need registration to access.

Users will contribute under their own user profiles and we will give recognition to all donors unless they choose to be anonymous.

BX is not for profit so any surplus will be re-invested in our mission or given to charity. Our users will decide how such charity donations will be distributed.

Our Values

We believe that all people can learn and that power to develop comes through knowledge.

We believe in taking care of and sharing experiences that people have made.

We will show respect, engagement and commitment.

We want to support personal learning through collaboration.