Here we will publish common Questions we get and our answers to them. 

1. Does it cost anything to use this site and be a member of the community? 

Answer: No it doesn't cost anything, the site is initially financed by private charity money and as the number of users grow, we expect to finance it with money from businesses who want to register as suppliers of education, consulting and services linked to our topics. 

2. Can anybody register and can I be anonymous? 

Answer: Yes anybody with access to internet can register and access to this community provided they accept terms of use and code of conduct included in them. It is allowed to use made-up profile names and act anonymously in the community but it is not allowed to use fake names and identities that give the impression that you are a different person. You have to register your real name and e-mail address on your account, but can chose to use made-up profile names.

3. What can I share with others here on BX?

Answer: We want people to share knowledge and help each other to achieve more by finding, sharing, evaluating and creating open licensed content. The content you link to should be free to access and what you write here should be based on your own experiences. It is not allowed to paste texts that are written by others and protected by copyright. BX and our volunteer editors can use what you have written to write BX-descriptions that will be open (Licensed CC-BY) to reuse, revise, remix and redistribute by anybody.