Volunteer to write Topic-Xplainers

We need the help of Volunteers to build up and improve the free learning content of this site!

All who register in the community can equally share best practices without any further qualification. You can contribute in discussions and add your favorite links to our common collection.

BX Editors

We also need engaged writers, fluent in a language, that want to help us develop and correct our content. For each Topic there should be a BX Xplanation (How to-summary) as short and condensed as possible. These texts should develop over time as we collectively learn more from each other and best practices evolve. Our BX descriptions are visible to all people and not just for logged in users.

If you want to contribute to the social cause of this community and help us monitor our content for a certain subject, write, edit or translate our descriptions, then contact us. If you receive Editor rights, you can choose to publish your user profile on our Editors page.

Currently in our early start up phase we don't know at what pace we can ad more languages but we intend to start out with a focus on English and Swedish.

BX Organizers

Our content structure is organized according to the ABIO (All Business In One) model. It is a model that attempts to include all business tasks and processes and put them into a common context. It is generic and not branch specific. However nothing is perfect and we are open to develop the model further and to modify it over time. To avoid chaos we however need to restrict the number of people who can change the content structure.

You understand and agree with the basic ABIO-model and would like to help out with the structure of content and make sure the right things are discussed and linked in the right place. Maybe you have ideas how to improve or expand the content structure. Tell us about yourself and how you want to help re-organizing or expanding content. Organizers has Editor-rights plus additional rights to move and re-organize content.

New Languages

If you are an experienced business professional that has a lot of time to spend and very good knowledge of a specific language you can maybe help us launch BX businessXplainer in a new language for a new country.

BusinessXplainer has the vision to become a global resource available in many languages. This however requires a lot of work and resources and we don’t know at what pace this can be realized. We will need the help of volunteers to translate our basic content plus all the site menus etc. We would love to receive your application to volunteer as translator and some indication on how much time and effort you can spend. Then we will save the information and get in contact with you when the time and resources are available on our side to go ahead with your language.

Until then maybe you can get some translations done by using on line translations such as google translate. https://translate.google.com

First register for a User Account

In order to express interest in any of our volunteer opportunities, you should first create an account so you can login. 

The BX businessXplainer's Volunteer Code of Conduct contains only a few examples of appropriate conduct that we expect from our volunteers. Inappropriate conduct could lead to dismissal from volunteer service.

As a volunteer, I will:
Represent the community with professionalism, dignity, and pride.
Conduct myself in a respectful manner, exhibit good conduct, and be a positive role model.
Provide a safe online environment by not causing harm to anyone through discrimination, sexual or other unlawful harassment, verbal or mental abuse, negligence, and other negative acts.
Respect the privacy of BX constituents and keep confidential all private, and personal information.
Inform staff of progress, concerns, and problems in the community.
Collaborate as a team member with staff and volunteers.
Uphold all BX policies and expectations.
Keep personal opinions and actions separate from those made as a representative of BX.
Promote and support BX in developing useful business learning content
As a volunteer, I will not:
Meet alone with any BX member under the age of 18.
Communicate one-on-one with any BX member under the age of 18 in people or via e-mail, telephone, mobile phone, text messaging, and social-networking websites.
Use vulgar and inappropriate language.
Discriminate against anyone based on race, religion, sex, age, national origin, marital status, disability, or sexual orientation.


BX Volunteer Media Release

The media release gives BX businessXplainer permission to use, reproduce, electronically publish, and display in all media the volunteer's name, photograph, and any of the volunteer's information provided.

Submission of the BX volunteer application requires the acknowledgement and acceptance of all terms and purposes provided herein.
Submission of the BX volunteer application provides permission to BX to use, reproduce, electronically publish, and display volunteer name, photograph and any information provided by me in all media, including, but not limited to, newspapers, magazines, television, radio and Internet web sites
Submission of the BX volunteer application represents the acknowledgement and understanding that this media will be accessible throughout the world and that stories, including volunteer information and/or image, may appear in written, video, electronic and other forms
The volunteer understands that information provided by volunteers, including their name, photograph and information about the volunteer's BX activities may be used by BX and its partners to promote BX and business knowledge generally.
Submission of the BX volunteer application thereby releases and holds harmless BX and BX's agents and employees from any claims of infringement, invasion of privacy, defamation or misappropriation arising from the use of the information for the purposes provided herein.